Twelve Songs of Christmas

Lowland Hum

February 21, 2019

The husband and wife team of Lauren and Daniel Goans perform as the folk duo Lowland Hum. In their social media, they employ the hashtag #supportquietmusic, and when you hear Lowland Hum, you can hear that "quiet" pertains as much to aesthetic and philosophical concerns as it does volume.

This spring, they'll release a new album, Glyphonic, and we talk some about that, but we focus our conversation on their 2017 album, Songs for Christmas Time. Many of the same musical ideas that shaped that album affect their non-holiday music, so we talk about how they play out. We also discuss their faith and the unexpected ways that it influences the song and arrangement choices of Songs for Christmas Time

Over the course of this week's show, we hear music from Songs for Christmas Time and Glyphonic, as well as music from John Fahey and Johnny Cash.  

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