Twelve Songs of Christmas

Letters to Cleo

December 21, 2019

Boston-based alt-rock band Letters to Cleo made its name in the 1990s and had its biggest hit in 1994 with "Here & Now." It split in 2000, reunited briefly in 2007, and it now exists-ish, coming together each November to play a series of shows. It doesn't occupy the same space in the band members' careers that it once did, but they found reasons to continue to play together. 

This week, Alex Rawls talks to guitarist Michael Eisenstein about the state of the band, its plans, and how they led to this year's EP, OK Christmas. He discusses why it happened now and not sooner, and how the gigs they've done since made it possible now. 

After that, Alex reviews new Christmas releases from the Peter Holsapple Combo, I Don't Know How but They Found Me, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, and Rebecca Angel. For full-length videos from these songs and more reviews, visit a recent reviews column at

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