Twelve Songs of Christmas

Darling West

January 23, 2019

Alex Rawls spoke with the Norwegian Americana band Darling West before Christmas about two Christmas music videos that the band posted on YouTube--a version of "Blue Christmas" and the Norwegian folk Christmas song, "Kling No Klokka." Mari and Tor Egil Kreken talked about the place that American Christmas songs occupy in the Norwegian celebration of Christmas, as well as the popularity of canonical Christmas songs sung in Norwegian. Mari talked about the love of Jussi Bjørling's version of "O Helga Natt"--"O Holy Night" in Norwegian. 

One caveat: This conversation was recorded via a computer call while the Krekens were at home in Norway and starting to work on a new album (While I Was Asleep, due out February 15), so the sound is less than optimal.

One cause for celebration: This episode marks the debut of our new theme music, made exclusively for "12 Songs of Christmas" by New Orleans' producer AF THE NAYSAYER. I've really liked his work for a while now and am glad to have his music be part of the show. You can hear more of his work on his Soundcloud page.


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